Activities of International Center for Korean Studies of Moscow State University  

According to its tasks and purpose, the International Center for Korean Studies of Moscow State University carries out scientific researches in the field of history and political problems, language, culture and economy of Korea. ICFKS supports business cooperation with universities of Republic of Korea, the European countries, USA, Japan and China.

In realization the scientific researches and projects and their publication the great support to the Center is rendered by the Korea Foundation of the International Exchange, which for many years helps the Center with grants for scientific editions, grants for ICFKS researchers and stuff employees and for the best students specializing on a history, philology and economy of Korea.

Activity of ICFKS renders fruitful influence on the decision of problems of national and cultural revival of Russian Koreans, who as a result of policy of forcible migration of the Soviet period, nowadays have almost lost their national language, cultural and historical traditions. On the revival of language and national and cultural traditions of Russian Koreans will depend their role and form of participation in development of relations between Russia and the states of Korean Peninsula.

Development of the international communication provides ICFKS with an opportunity to involve to research, publishing, and teaching activity the best experts from foreign universities and scientific centres. The active cooperation with leading scientific organizations and research centres of Russia (in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, etc.) also broadens.

The Center carries out the international scientific conferences with participation of the Russian and foreign experts. Since 1992 ICFKS took part in organization of joint seminars with the Institute of the Far East of RAS. The researchers of ICFKS took active part in conferences on different topics of Korean Studies both in Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok) and abroad (Korea, USA, Germany, etc). Every stuff researcher of the Center runs his own direction of studies.

Doctoral theses, written and defended in ICFKS:
Chang Jae-yong. The Role of Relations Between the Church and the March 1st Independence Movement in History of the Development of the Pritestant Church. (Doctor of History, 1993)
Vladimir M. Tikhonov. History of Kaya Protostates from the Second Half of the 5th cent. to 562. (PhD in History, 1996)
Kim Myong-ho. Possible Changes in North Korea and the Prospects of National Reunification of Korea. (Doctor of Polithology, 1997);
Chong Hyon-su. Socio-economic Changes in North Korea in the First Years After the Liberation (1945-1948). (PhD in History, 1997);
Aleksandr V. Solovyov. The Study of "Biographies" (Yolchon) in Kim Busik''s Samguk sagi. (PhD in History, 2000).

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